Support come in a variety of forms. I recommend that the experience use as many ascan be helpful to their personal journey.


A. Internet: The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) has over 4000 anonymous NDE accounts. These include exceptional accounts. Their research suggests that the underlying elements of the NDE are the same regardless of a person’s religion, culture, ethnicity, age, or gender. In seeing these patterns, the experiencer can see that his or her NDE was not unique. The high number of similar reports will also authenticate the experience as real. This can be quite liberating for a person who believes that they are alone and unrelatable.

B. IANDS Group: IANDS groups are small local groups tailored to give voice and support people who have had near death experiences. They also educate the public about the NDE by allowing many NDErs to share their experience in an open forum. The experiencer may eventually want to share his or her experience as well. Positive feedback will only boost their confidence. Perhaps most importantly to the experiencer, they have an opportunity to meet and share with other experiencers. This type of support not only validates their own NDE account, but their changing world view. Meaning, they can find people to mentor them through their ongoing life journey. Other spiritual groups may or may not serve as substitutes if an IANDS group is unavailable to a certain geographic location.

C. Books: There are hundreds of NDE books out on the market. Some books provide an in-depth analysis of NDE accounts by reputable authors and professionals. These provide the experiencer with an objective look at NDEs, thereby validating their experience by credentialed professionals. Other books share in-depth stories by NDErs themselves. These books may resonates with other experiencers in their details. From these details, the reader understands that there are both differences and commonalities between NDE accounts. Many of the book accounts describe how others have integrated the NDE into their lives. In depth study of these books helps the experiencer organize their own NDE in a way that they can integrate it into their lives.

D. Video: The video “Back From the Light” not only validates NDEs, but also give tips to how to integrate these experiences into life. Hence, they can start developing general life goals knowing the benefits and pitfalls of life changes. The video augments the current modules.


Excellent. Most experiencers become rapidly relieved when their NDEs are accepted and normalized. Not only do they feel better about themselves, but they feel empowered to share their experience with other people. Moreover, they have the confidence to start fulfilling their mission in love. Not only do groups and educational materials normalize the NDE experience, they help the experiencer organize their own experience and integrate it into their lives. Both acceptance and integration facilitate transformation; the NDEr begins to do what they are meant to do with their return to earth.