You are a Wellness professional and you are interested in obtaining a certification to assist NDE or STE experiencers integrating wholly their experience. 

Near Death Experiencers often have trouble integrating their near-death experience and may require support and help to recover and heal in body, emotion, mind and spirit. Family members and health care professionals are generally ill-equipped to deal with the “unusual” after effects experienced. To address this growing problem, this University Based Certificate Program in integrative health was designed.

Click here  to see the training program description.

Click here to see the training program description.

Goal: This worldwide training program prepares specialists in Integrative Health with a specialty in NDE-AFTER EFFECTS using an integrative approach to learn how to serve NDE’ers, their families, friends, and support health professionals to understand and help those affected by an NDE.


Providing Support, Care & HELP

Check below he model designed to help and support you with your personal situation.

Feel free to share your story at whatever level you feel comfortable with that can be used by the Recovery Team Member assigned to work with you on your path.

This journey is about YOU…. And how to help YOU. What will help us to better serve YOU is to share YOU… your story. We build on what you share with us.

Best wishes on your journey

Mary Jo Bulbrook, Yvonne Sneeden, Roy Hill.


1. This is what happened to me… (include date & location & what was going on)
2. At the time, the event occurred I felt…  Now I feel…
3. My thoughts at the time were… And now I think…
4. My heart was…   And now my heart is…
5. When the event happened, I wanted to say…   Now I want to say…
6. My future was…  Now I see my future is…
7. Spiritually at the time I was…   Now I am spiritually…

A. Beginning Assessment

  • Let’s start by you telling your story….

Your Name
(Use full name or abbreviated or made up name. Do whatever suits your situation)

Today’s Date                                            

Contact Details Phone # and or eMail (One or both)

Date of Your Event                           

Location of the Event

Write as long or short as you want… remember this is about helping YOU. It is not intended to be a burden, an obligation or duty. Ask for spiritual guidance to write what is best for you and then proceed. Click here for printable form.


Feel free to add as many or few AFTER EFFECTS that you can think of. Also
note you may want to come back to this page and redo it over time as you
change over time. You can use the four categories on the NEAR-HELP Model
to help you identify what is important to you.


(You can use this list to organize your thinking. Feel free to add to this list what suits your situation best.)

1. Personal (Body, Emotions, Mind, Spirit)

2. Relationship Dynamics (Immediate Relationships, Family Situation, Others, Culture)

3 Expanded Consciousness (Higher Sense Perception, Different Time Dimensions & Simultaneous Locations)

4. Support for Living on Earth (My Journey, My Mission, My Calling)

E. WHERE I AM HEADING (Essence & Excellence for ME)