Where do we go from here?

Deliverance into Boundless Light ... New realms of space and time come into being ..The universe eternalizes.. a breath away from the Creator’s Paradise, Center of every longing we have always been seeking.
— Yvonne sneeden



finding support

Western scientific community dismissing accounts as superstitious or crazy. Most NDErs are steeped in this culture since birth. Thus, some may partially buy into the notion that their experience should be impossible. They also fear rejection from people at large. Skepticism by family and friends contribute to feeling misunderstood. This may feel like a betrayal. The NDEr may respond by becoming distrustful and secretive about their experience.


Many NDErs may return feeling depressed. Their depression may not be a typical depression, from low self-esteem or life-tragedy, but rather can be seen as a symptom of loss. In the case of NDErs, depression comes from a loss of home, or heaven. Home is experienced with an indescribable love. Some say it feels like every particle of the body is being bathed in a pool of love. Likewise, NDErs typically report that they are not alone in heaven. Rather, they are surrounded by beings who love them unconditionally who welcome them with celebration. Interconnected to everything, they feel a freedom and understanding that has no parallel on earth. In this manner, all limitations and confusions dissipate. It is no surprise that NDErs do not want to return to earth. Likewise, it is no surprise that they have difficulty adjusting to earthly existence when they miss their greater spiritual existence. In essence, they become depressed because they are very homesick. 

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Crisis of meaning

Many NDErs experience a crisis of meaning in their lives due to their NDE. In other words, the values held prior to their NDE may not have as much meaning anymore. Love is valued in heaven above all things. Thus, selfishness behavior patterns on earth become discordant with newly learned values. This especially includes trying to promote at work, make more money, acquire possessions, and obtain awards or other forms of status. The values of love are not emotions, but skill sets that include, but are not limited to, service, inherent respect, sacrifice, forgiveness. Unfortunately, friends and family may not share the experiencers change in perspective. Experiencers feel they have changed and everyone else has stayed the same, thereby causing them to feel alienated and lost in the world. Many seek direction and mentorship to help them change their lives.


Life Concern: NDErs have difficulty adjusting to a world that contains a significant amount ofdarkness and negative adversity, I mean the absence of love, or disconnection from divine love. Thus, the world seems uncaring, selfish, destructive, and violent. The difference between heaven and the world cannot be starker.

The NDEr does not want to navigate through a world filled with disconnection and may feel angry that they have been sent back from a realm of love. They may feel abandoned or punished. They ask God, “Why me?”.